Posted on January 30, 2019

It is important you have the following in your CV in other to make it appealing to whosoever is viewing it, especially the recruiters who matter. Note that this list is in no particular order of preference however, we will share below a sample CV Review Report which shows our preferred order in our experience as Recruiters.

  • Personal details

Always include your personal details such as name, address, a phone number, and an active email address. You may also add your nationality, gender, and date of birth if you wish, but they are not obligatory.

  • Your CV is a Summary of Your Qualifications

The term CV means a “summary” of a person’s professional experience, educational  qualifications, and other relevant information.

 A summary of your qualifications, skills, and achievements. It shows a future employer what you have done in the past and it details your training & skills, work experience, education, and most importantly, the accomplishments you have made with previous employers.

It should also notify the employer of your career objective (the job you intend to obtain) and communicate in a concise manner the value you will bring to the job if hired.

A CV advertises you, your unique skills and qualifications that make you exceptional while always stressing the benefits you have to offer. It is not enough to be great, it needs to show how that greatness will translate to the employer’s bottom-line.

  • Professional Title(s)

When someone evaluates your CV, the role you’re seeking should be straightforward. Make sure your ambitions are crystal clear by including a title at the top of your CV, such as senior accounting professional or marketing & sales associate, just below your contact information and above your career narrative. This is more or less called a professional summary


This is optional but gives you a chance to portray something about your personality and social values. Keep it simple, mention that which you do in your free time and note any achievements earned to show how seriously you take yourself.

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