Posted on December 9, 2020

Everyone loves to be recognized and appreciated, especially employees for their efforts at work and contributions to the organisation-wide performance. There are so any ways to recognize employees, all of which have varying but long-lasting impressions on their subsequent performance levels. Some examples include long service awards, peer-to-peer recognition, rewards, instant recognition, bonuses, employee recognition wall, employee appreciation days/events etc.

A simple verbal or email “thank you” goes a long way to making employees feel good about themselves because it confirms that their input is noticed, and their work is valued. This in turn boosts morale and by extension, productivity. But it does not end there. There are several other benefits from recognizing your employees.

1. Productivity
This is perhaps the most underrated benefit. It is a known fact that engaged employees are more likely to be more productive, working efficiently to do better at their work. Thus, if they know that their efforts are likely to be rewarded and praised, then it only makes sense that employees would work harder to receive such recognition of their hard work and efforts.

2. Job Satisfaction
Employees tend to feel more valuable when their work is been recognized and appreciated. Thus, employees would be satisfied with their jobs when they feel valued. This in turn prevents employee turnover. Everybody likes to be needed and recognizing an employee’s work tells the employee that he/she is needed and as his/her work is impactful.

3. Retention
Retaining staff should be a priority for all employers for several reasons including business continuity, strengthening organisation culture, work quality and general cost of staff acquisition, training, and the likes. When employees leave, it would cost you money to find and train new staff, but more importantly, high employee turnover has an adverse effect on the morale of other employees who do remain. Your employees are more likely to stay if they feel valued and this will improve the quality of your business’ output and can save you money.

4. They Incentivize teamwork and Collaboration
Rewards and recognition programs motivate employees, period! It can also be used to bring teams and departments closer. Rewards that incorporate peer-to-peer recommendations help to foster team spirit as they encourage employees to see positive attributes in one another. Thus, recognizing and rewarding the hard work and efforts of your employees strengthens the emotional bond between themselves and towards the company.

5. Employee Happiness
When your employees are happy, they would be motivated to perform better because of the positive feeling they have towards the company. This in turn would lead to better results and can even improve the reputation and culture of the company.

There are so many ways you can make your employees feel appreciated and valued. A workforce that feels valued, unified, and harmonious is poised to deliver great results. Employee recognition and reward programs are very effective in motivating employees. Make use of them to reduce costs, improve results and maintain a sterling work culture rooted in self-improvement.

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