Posted on March 7, 2016
The Philosophy of Work that Every Employer is Looking For.

Philosophy is “the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence.”

What is your work philosophy? 

This question is asked in virtually every interview to every prospective employee. The question may not be asked directly in such a way but is implied in every interview. A thoughtful and knowledgeable answer is what they are listening for.  Something along the lines of work ethics, professionalism and enthusiasm for the job.  Although there is really no right answer, a good interviewer can spot a liar a mile away.  You need to have an answer prepared, but be honest, as it must speak true of you!

Attracting the Right Job

The question has been asked multiple times, “is it actually possible to attract the right job for me?” The answer is simple, “yes it is!”

It is said that you attract like-minds based on your nature. Similarly you can attract the right fit of job for yourself based on your unique qualities. The most important thing is to figure out who you are, what you have a passion for, and what comes naturally to you with minimal effort.

You have heard the saying “Life is a balancing act”. That seems to be the new perspective in the workplace as well. Probably never more true than today.  Employers are looking for those who can successfully balance everyday life and everyday work.

A good balanced personal life and work management ethic are the ingredients for a well-rounded, great employee.

Strategies for Attracting the Right Job with the Right Philosophy

Teamwork – Are you a team player?  The philosophy of teamwork is of great importance to every organization. Even if the job doesn’t require that you are dealing with the public or with other employees, teamwork is important. Teamwork makes effective and efficient use of time and personnel. Many employers look for those people who can work well in a team, if the situation arises.

Motivation – Employers are looking for your commitment and dedication, not only to the job at hand, but to work in general.  Dedication usually translates to hard work and personal goal setting. The philosophy of being highly motivated is a magnet for employers; don’t just write it in your CV (“I’m a highly motivated individual”), you must exhibit it.

Resourcefulness – How creative are you in using your talents? Can you make the best of a bad situation? Being resourceful doesn’t always mean using less office supplies. Sometimes it actually means a keen sense of quick thinking and ingenious ideas.

Uniqueness – Although the word unique conjures up all sorts of images, this uniqueness is the ability to think outside the box.  Can you make decisions in the ever changing work environment? Be prepared to discuss this in an interview.  What value can you add to the job and company? This philosophy is in itself unique and an attribute that employers are looking for.

Creativity – Along the lines of uniqueness is creatively.  Exploring new ways of thinking within the realm of the company is a characteristic that can be appealing to interviewers.  Creative time management or creative problem solving can be ideal points to propel you to the top of the hiring list.

Leadership – “Be all you can be”. This applies in everyday life as well.  Employers want to see your leadership skills even if the job isn’t specifically for that position.  Can your interviewer see potential in you? Do you lead by example (this is the ultimate answer) or are you more authoritative?  What leadership qualities do you possess? Something to think about…


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