Posted on March 10, 2016

Hello everyone!

This is a behind the scenes expo basically showing a day in my life (putting all things Lagos into consideration). Its 8:00am and I have finally survived the horrible traffic to arrive at the office – First things first;

I NEED THAT CUP OF TEA to get my brain wheels spinning. Once a sip is in (for some mornings, maybe 3), I get to the mails first; need to catch up. All mails must be read and I make sure I reply them all. Replies are essential in my line of work. I am constantly engaging clients – from the employer perspective and the candidate perspective. Once mails have been replied and communication established, I move to the hardcore issues of a recruiter.

Just as I am about to say hello to colleague, I get a call; Truecaller shows that it’s Company X…a prestige client of mine. My excitement increases when the discussion concludes with me beginning my next recruitment project – hiring a Business Development Manager (BDM). Deadline is 21 working days but as an efficient recruiter, I give myself 10 working days.

Execution mode; a great recruiter has different forms/sources of hiring candidates. I get into work mode and immediately begin to look for that special BDM that will make my client (and me) happy people. My first instinct is to go on LinkedIn. Yes, LinkedIn!! LinkedIn is my great go-to tool for sourcing for candidates. I strongly believe that with LinkedIn access, if you are out there, I will find you.

To narrow down my search and save me a lot of time, I put myself into the role. I understand what the Job Description (JD) is all about and I visualize what sort of individual (with technical and behavioral skills) must be able to carry out the functions of the role. Finally, I get my candidates and I’m ready and eager to meet them in person. I place calls, send mails – establish communication to set convenient dates so we can have a chat – The Interview.


Now, let us fast forward to an interview which basically shows you the way I think during an interview. In the fun sense, I like to refer to myself as a corporate match maker. It is what I do…I am making sure that the employer gets their perfect candidate and vice versa. It is important that I source for someone who fits best into the culture, atmosphere and feel of the company.

Personally, you can actually have me at a ‘Tell me about yourself’ moment. I believe in first impression. For me, I can basically conclude an interview mentally within the first 45 seconds of engaging with a candidate. You need to sell yourself big to me here. Tell me what you’re made up of and what you bring to the table in terms of skills and expertise. Tell me what any company would be missing out on without you.

Secondly, come prepared. I have been in interviews where candidates are not even aware of the role they are applying for. I have had to ask myself if I sent the Job Description (which I always do). Also, understand and digest your CV. Candidates tend to inflate their capabilities on the CV’s which can be disastrous if they cannot be defended.

Third, I expect you to answer questions as straight forward as possible. I assure you, nothing pisses recruiters off more than the circles in answering questions. Always ask for clarifications. We don’t bite so there is no reason why we can’t re-phrase questions that are unclear to you. Better to ask and be certain whether you know the answer or not than to ‘go with the flow’ and look silly at the end. You can even ask questions about the role!!!

Also, please don’t leave your manners at home. We recruiters tend to get very irritated with attitudes during interviews. There’s a very thin line between confidence and attitude. Answer questions and relate confidently but please, leave the pride at home.

Finally, have a positive mind set. No recruiter will bring in a drag or less than acceptable mind into a company. No company needs that. Please don’t bring the past with you as well. The past being all the nasty stuff you went through with previous employment. See yourself and your story through positive events and challenges that overtime made you someone worth hiring.

All in all, bring your A-Game. An interview is not a den of lions that you are tossed in…It’s just a simple conversation where I can get to meet you and know what you’re capable of.

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