Posted on March 23, 2016

I have had the opportunity of interviewing quite a number of people since I started out as a recruiter. I have chatted with professionals of different levels – entry, middle level, Managers, Executives and MD’s and sometimes they still stumble when they are asked these 4 words;  TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF?

stop-sign-cr8These professionals constantly surprise me with how their responses to this question can be so pointless and irrelevant to the role that I actually want to front the Stop sign like a traffic warden in front of their faces while they are still speaking. Yes, it is that bad and it has become clear to me that the secret to responding to this question correctly has nothing to do with your IQ level, SAT Score, JAMB score or the fact you graduated with a 1st class.

The right response to the question “Tell Me about Yourself” should begin with a summary about your resume capturing your experiences, skills attained, achievements and how these competencies attained from your work life relates to the role you are being interviewed for.

Try and ensure you emphasize that this job is exactly what you are looking for and what your career has been leading towards. Let the hiring manager know that you are fully sold on the vision of the business, the culture and the role and you are passionate about this job. I cannot stress how important it is that you show your enthusiasm for this specific role and the hiring company. Also the hiring manager would want you to display a healthy level of confidence when responding to the question. No employer wants to chew the thought of a lack of confidence about what the candidate is talking about.  Refer to how you have had dreams of working in such an organisation and how you have built your career to this moment.

In summary, when you’re given that opportunity to sit in front of an employer, be sure to answer this question, “tell me about yourself” by emphasizing on your work experience, skills and passion for the role. Speak slowly, clearly and concisely, and be confident all through. Time is money and good communication in business is simple, quick and easy to understand. Once this is done right, you have secured 50% of the interview process.  Master this cheat sheet and you will have more wins than loses after every interview session. Now, tell me about yourself?

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