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Cr8 Talent Occupational Interest Profiling – Discovering yourself, your strengths, and planning an intentional career at any stage

Finding the right career is the most crucial decision for one’s general well-being. According to research, the individual who enjoys work experiences more work-life balance and satisfaction, while those that dislike their work experience less fulfillment, less happiness and lower levels of general well-being. In our experience as HR consultants, corporate business partners and trainers to several corporates, it has been observed that many job seekers tend towards a specialisation because they have been there a while or simply because it’s available, or there seems to be a growing interest by corporations in that particular field and not because of any particular professional interest in developing one’s skills in that direction. Nowadays, we have more than 8,000 career options available which gives us more choices but with more questions and more confusion as to what we really should be doing.

Cr8 Talent OiP

An occupational interest assessment which aims in investigating what works for you, then looking for and recognizing work that could satisfy you. This assessment can be used for a variety of purposes like discovering occupations most suitable for your personality, self-understanding, and developments, education and curriculum development, career development and exploration, organisation development and academic counselling.

Cr8 with its management ranging from mid-senior level career cadres themselves understand the need to have more than an interest for increased pay in a job search, and through our “intelligent career quizzes” are able to identify and proffer professional interest areas to junior to mid-level talents at which they are more likely to succeed. Further offline consultations with in-house as well as external career mentors go further to reveal more in terms of building successful career paths.

For organisations, this is equally offered to staff for succession planning and career progression tests.

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