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MSME Block

MSME Block

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The Cr8 MSME Block is a uniquely designed business support outsourcing programme to ensure entrepreneurs are not burdened with higher headcounts and overheads than necessary, without compromising on the professional business support services every business requires to succeed.
We recognize that the strength of your business support services is consistent with operational efficiency and your ability to deliver on your core services. Accordingly we focus on ensuring the stability, professional and effective performance of the building blocks that drive business support in your operations as they are critical to your focus and subsequent success.
We are equally a growing business, and thus understand the need to be lean, while we endeavor to stay afloat and profitable on minimal operational cost and optimized resources. Meaning less and less in terms of manpower; attempting to recruit super achievers and merge roles where able, we however recognize that there is only so much a person can do if they are to deliver exceptional work.
Accordingly, we offer 5 unique packages to best suit your business’ operational and compliance needs.