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Introducing Cr8 Junior Talent OIP Testing To Grades 9 & 12 Pupils: Discovering yourself at the very best time to build an intentional & successful career!

The Junior Talent OiP Assessment is a service offered to secondary schools to help highlight their strengths and appropriately direct their study and career endeavours in line with their personalities and interests. Cr8 is a true believer of the phrase; ‘if you love your job, you will never have to work a day in your life’, and we want to, in line with this belief, ensure our young workforce is adequately equipped with the right academic experience and focus to drive professional success.
The Junior Talent OiP assessment is a simple questionnaire that measures respondents on Skill, Personality & Ability to produce a comprehensive report proffering recommendations of suitable, “most-likely-to-succeed-at” careers for the respondents. The assessment is focused on career exploration and choice, and the reports are compiled to form the basis of a discussion with career advisors or counsellors and are also suitable to provide further inference to the respondents.

The test is for 2 grades of students; Grades 9 & 12 (i.e. JSS3 and SSS3), and we recommend the test is taken prior to their writing the Junior Secondary School Certificate (JSSC) and Senior Secondary School Certificate (JSSC) West African Secondary School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE).
For Grade 9 students; the Stream Suggestor Assessment is a 60 minute CBT designed to appropriately recommend placement into the Sciences, Arts or Commercial paths.
For Grade 12 students; the Ideal Career Suggestor Assessment is a 75 minutes CBT designed to further buttress those class streams, and specifically recommend best-suited career paths.

The online computer-based personality assessment has been designed so that only a basic level of education is required to complete as well as interpret it. It can be administered in conjunction with other assessments, such as the General Reasoning Aptitude Test and Personality Inventory Test, which considers ‘ability’ to produce reports with a detailed list of suitable career suggestions based on the respondent’s profile. This test and can be taken at a central computer laboratory or remotely as desired.

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