Eye on the Prize: Keeping Focused on Your Job Search

Searching through page after page of job postings, sending out resume after resume, with no success can be discouraging for any job seeker; I know this because I have been there too. But staying focused on your job search is imperative to gaining employment; there is after all a reason looking for a job is often referred to as a full-time job itself. The tips below can help you stay focused on your search for landing your next job!

Time management is key: The first step is to commit a specific time period each day to your job search. Make a promise to yourself that this time will be used solely for job searching and stick to it.

Eliminate distractions: With the vast amount of electronics present today our attention is constantly being pulled away from scheduled tasks. Eliminate this temptation by turning off your television, cell phones, tablets and radio. If you are using your computer or mobile device as your tool for work, then ensure that you do not check email, social networks and messengers, play games or browse the web during this time.

Develop a cue: As you end one task and start another develop a physical cue, such as stretching or verbalizing what you are doing. This helps to raise a conscious awareness when switching tasks so you are quick to detect when your mind starts to wander to an unwanted distraction.

Take stock: Before even starting your job search, take time to think about your qualifications, strengths and weaknesses. Also, clearly identify your criteria for a job (industry, location, schedule, salary). This may change as the search progresses but for now it will serve as a starting point on which to concentrate.

Get things in order: Make sure to have all of your documents ready. Update your resume and have it reviewed by another person. Also, gather any supporting documents such as degrees, licenses and references that you may need.

Make a detailed to-do list for each day or week: Simply saying “look for jobs” can lead to distractions. Instead, say “contact two colleagues for possible referral” or “attend XYZ networking event” or “update resume” to keep from feeling overwhelmed.

Take a break: It is okay to take a day off from your job search. This allows you time to de-stress, do something you enjoy and avoid burnout so you can return to the search with renewed energy.

While searching for a job is never pleasurable, keeping focused on the end result is important. With time and dedication, you will find a job that will suit you. Drop a comment below if this has been helpful and/or if you have any questions for us.

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  1. Akin Ogunbiyi

    Thanks a lot for this post, the tips make sense and I am going to put them into practice right away. thanks again

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