Career Tips from Cr8 Careers: Tips For Young Professionals

Entering the workforce can seem intimidating and difficult. With little experience under your belt you have to rely on your education, resume, connections and talent to get a foot in the door. Follow these 10 career tips for young professionals to help you land that first job and keep it!

1. Don’t Panic

Most people take time to figure out what career path they want to follow. Career confusion is completely natural for young adults and adults alike. Ask yourself, what interests you? What kind of environment do you want to work in? And most importantly what will make you happy?

2. Let Others Help

If you continue to tell yourself and others that you don’t need help, eventually they will stop asking. Take advice from anyone willing to give it to you, but don’t use it as an excuse for not learning how to do the job on your own.

3. Show Appreciation

When someone helps you in your career, recognize them. Let people know they helped you and how. Karma can go a long way!

4. Define Boundaries

Be personable but professional in an interview situation. Don’t act too casual, it’s important to make an outstanding first impression.

5. Go The Extra Mile

Show that you’re a team player. This could mean helping out around the office or job site, working on a special project or staying late when needed.

6. Know Your Role

Accept the fact that you have to start at the bottom and work your way up. Respect that it takes time to gain job knowledge and experience.

7. Be Enthusiastic

When landing a job, enthusiasm is key. Having a good attitude will resonate well with the powers that be and build your credibility. Be confident in yourself and your skills but don’t act like you know everything, even if you do.

8. Follow Through

Always follow up with contacts in a timely fashion. Organize yourself so that you can stay on top of opportunities.

9. Don’t be Picky

Of course you want the best job available, but understand that you gain valuable experience in any role. That being said, don’t make yourself settle. The right job is out there waiting for you!

10. Always Bring Your “A” Game

No one ever got anywhere worthwhile by doing just enough to get by. Even if you’re having an off day, take a moment to gather yourself, and bring it like the A player you are!

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