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...repositioning people

We recognize that many-a-times the difference between frequent attendance at assessment centres and the offer letter is the talent’s ability to sell him/her self and express their expertise appropriately at the interview. At Cr8 we offer interview skills training via webinars and also a support centre where researched interview questions are asked and suggested answers provided to facilitate that interview phase which is the final job clincher.

Knowledge gaps have been identified as the major reason behind the seeming lack of intellectual competence exhibited in employees from employers’ feedback. We take this task of continuous learning as paramount in our engagement process, and seek to make Learning & Development convenient and affordable across all cadres, thus offering webinars, and online classes from industry experts and the employers themselves. Also, online tests are administered as part of the L&D engagement to manage and succeed at real assessment centres.

Career Fairs

We partner with employers – multinationals and indigenous – and present would-be employees at these fora to which talents are invited to attend. At the fairs, employers are engaged on a personal level and pertinent information on un-advertised opening are shared, while quick interviews are held and hires made. All services designed for the job seeker are available with further more detailed consultation.

Resume Development

This service allows for the development of professional resumes following the provision of pertinent educational, working and vocational history as well as information on competences and strengths that are usually omitted from standard non-professional resumes. It also allows for the choice of preferred templates for the finalised document.


Discovering yourself, your strengths, and planning an intentional career at any stage

One-on-one personalised Talent training for a healthy start to a deliberate career!

Discovering yourself at the very best time to build an intentional & successful career!

MSME Block

The Cr8 MSME Block is a uniquely designed business support outsourcing programme to ensure entrepreneurs are not burdened with higher headcounts and overheads than necessary, without compromising on the professional business support services every business requires to succeed.