Posted on November 30, 2020

Statistics have shown that we spend most of our life working, yes, working. Thus, if going to work (or just the idea of going to work) makes you tired, depressed, or even physically ill, that is more than just general work stress; these are the signs of a toxic work environment. Not everyone would have the luxury of being able to quit.

So, the least you can do is to make things more comfortable while you work on improving the situation. This guide provides some tips on how you can do just that.

• Psychological Detachments
This essentially means that you should avoid work related thoughts or emotions periodically, when you leave the office at the close of each day, you should do so physically and mentally. Additionally, for longer gaps, it is recommended that you engage in activities such as vacations, weekend getaways, exercise, social times with family and friends and other hobbies… It is great to be a dedicated employee, but it is also important to strike a good balance of leaving work and work every now and again! This is particularly required when the workplace has been identified as toxic.

• Start Your Exit Strategy
If after trying to detach yourself psychologically from work, you find yourself with health challenges because of the Toxicity at work, it might be time to leave. It is never a good idea to stay in a toxic work environment except you really must. Of course, critically weigh your options before making the decision to leave. A search for a more fulfilling job can make you happier, motivated and might even increase your lifespan as suggested by some studies. Start planning as early as possible and when the day comes, submit your resignation proudly knowing you deserve more and you did your best.

• Build a network of trusted co-workers
This might not be a long-lasting solution, but it should keep your head out of water for a while. Toxic work environments are filled with selfish, judgmental and often manipulative individuals. Thus, it is easy to think there is not anyone who is drama-free. Finding your support group, your safe haven where everyone understands each other’s frustrations can offer a significant uplift and help you make it through those difficult and suffocating times when people appear to trample over each other to get ahead.

• Stay Positive
In all honesty, this though appears the simplest take might be the most difficult step to take, but it is actually one of the most important. Staying positive helps to keep your mind at ease and prevents you from falling into the trap of the negativity in your workplace. Focus on delivering on your work, be respectful and be as polite as you would in a normal, and healthy work environment. It would in the long run distinguish you from the pack and attract people with the right energy.

At the end of the day it all depends on you. It is much easier especially now that most employees are working remotely so the negativity and toxicity is kept somewhat at bay. However, if you are still going to work, focus on your work, and manage it as best as you can while you plan your exit route.

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